Nuckees ™
Wireless charging Nuckees™ are not yet available – coming soon!

Product Disclaimer

  • Wireless Charging: The Nuckees currently on the market do not offer the wireless charging capability. Once they are available, we will publish an updated notation.
  • Magnetic Personality: Although there is a magnet built into the Nuckees, it is not meant to act as a magnet on its own. Rather, it’s meant to cause a very strong magnetic connection to a car vent accessory or any other magnetic surface.

What People Say

I've been a distributor for more than 30 years. In 2006 I started buying all my pens from GMG pen. They never let me down. They're fast, their prices are competitive and they always do their orders on time.There are a lot of pen companies around, but GMG will never let you down, I can't recommend them highly enough.

-Don Sanders Don Sanders Marketing

We started doing business with Ultrapens over the last four or five years... they've really become a go-to source for us.

-Fred Snyder VP Sales Geiger, Eastern Region

Using GMG we have found that not only is their product and their pricing heads and shoulders above any other supplier that you're going to find. If you want a quality product, if you want "right now" availability, and if you want an array of different types of pens, GMG is the place to go.

-Ken Marsh P2 Promotional Products

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